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Old Oxted, Surrey

on October 29, 2012
Master Park in Oxted. You can just make out the village
church at the opposite end of the green.

Several weeks ago I moved from Edenbridge to Oxted. I was staying with the grandmother of the family I work for, but it seemed much more convenient for me to be living in the same town as the kids’ school, the church, the shops, etc. I love it! I am not staying with the first reader, and she and I have a lovely time. We talk a lot and drink tea and watch “Strictly Come Dancing” every Saturday and “Downton Abbey” every Sunday. Here are some pictures of where I’m living. The leaves have started to change and it’s simply beautiful! Old Oxted is technically where I live. It’s just the one high street with a few poshish pubs, but Oxted Oxted, where all the shops and restaurants and the station and the church and Costa and the school and the library, is just about a ten minute walk. I get to walk past the park, and sometimes the bells from the Church of England church are ringing.

My new digs. My bedroom is upstairs in the front.
The high street of Old Oxted
A very Englishy bit of Old Oxted

3 responses to “Old Oxted, Surrey

  1. timlloyd says:

    Welcome to Oxted. It's a great place to live. I reckon Master Park is at its best on a bright Autumn day.Be sure to check out the Barn Theatre on Bluehouse Lane – lots of good drama, musicals and comedy throughout the year.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll look into it!

  3. Noelle says:

    It looks lovely! Nice and gray, just the way you like it!… so you are living with the first reader? or not (as you say in the text above?)

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